Lobster and Reflection

At a dinner party last night, one of my table companions, upon learning I was a Mommy blogger, asked this question:

Do you ever think that your children will read what you write about them?

It was an interesting question and one I haven’t given much thought.  I know the big kids do from time to time because they say so. (Hey, favorite s’daughter! Hey, favorite s’daughter-in-law!)  

Reading my mother or father’s newspaper columns was the way I found out how they felt about things — topic issues, etc.  Sometimes it was also the way I found out that they were proud or particularly interested in something I had said or done. That’s not a criticism.  It’s just the way it was because they are writers.

I don’t really think of myself as a writer.  I have no ambition to write, I just do it — but I do think that I express myself best in written form.  Once I write something, I often feel as if I have expressed myself and nothing more need be said.

So that was my answer to my dinner companion.  I don’t know if the younger boys will ever read any of this.  I try to write only things that it’s okay for them to know.  I have been trying to remember to actually tell them that I find them interesting and that I am proud of them and not just assume that they understand because I’ve written it somewhere.

And that goes for you too, Big Kids!

Oh, wait . . .


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