Coach Speak

Fall has hit Minnesota in a big way.  There is a wind advisory today.  I noted on the advisory that high profile vehicles should be careful.  I figured short runners should also be careful, so I stayed inside today.  I will, no doubt, get a scolding from Coach Sam, but wouldn’t he feel badly if I had blown into the lake.

I’m guessing his answer would be something like, “You won’t blow away if you’re running fast enough” or some such thing that will make sense in a coach-like way when he says it.  

That coach talk is completely foreign to me. Colin has been constantly asking what sports I did in school. Brent told him they didn’t have sports for girls when I was in school.  He is forgetting our age difference.  Title IX was over 10 years old by the time I got to high school, so there were plenty of opportunities for me, I just never took them.  I make a long list for Colin of the non-sports activities I did.  There are quite a few, but he doesn’t seem impressed.  I don’t know what he is looking for.

Probably proof that you didn’t have to have played sports to be a semi well adjusted adult.

For now, I am telling him not to worry about track yet.  I think we will leave the choice up to him when the time comes.

Unlike the email I sent to his choir director which said no matter what Colin says, he would LOVE to be in jazz choir . . .


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