Colin was studying health yesterday — a chapter on abstinence.   Go ahead and start to feel my pain.

Colin was very clear on the whole fertilization thing, but he was a little foggy on the details of how you get there.  I know he and Brent had this discussion, but Colin must not have been that interested because this seemed like brand new information to him.

We went over it again.

I was very brave and used the proper terminology and tried not stumble or giggle.  I think I did pretty well.  I tried to think of it from the homework perspective.  Unless he understood the beginning, he would not understand the end.

These discussions are so rife with parental trauma anyway, but add autism to the mix, why don’t you.  Will Colin ever face this at all?  Will he forget again tomorrow and ask a question that proves he doesn’t know in front of everyone?

We got a little further in the homework to a question where the students are supposed to do some analytical thinking.  There’s a party and someone wants to play kissing games in the dark.  What should you do?

I don’t want to tell you exactly what Colin said because it’s precious to me and you don’t need to know everything, but it immediately shut down all those panicked questions in my head.  He is normal.  He’s 14.  He knows what to do and what not to do.

No one asked me to play kissing games in the dark when I was at high school parties and maybe Colin won’t either.  I got my chance eventually, and who knows what’s in store for him.

Right now — abstinence.  GOOD!!


One thought on “Abstinence

  1. That’s very sweet, Lisa. I enjoyed reading it and am glad you shared your experience (as well as keeping some to yourself).

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