Tanned, Rested, Ready

We are back and back in the swing of things.  Cousin Josh was absolutely right.  We were in “Central Florida” visiting a large rodent and a duck.

Normally, I don’t bother even trying to visit a princess because boys have no patience for Mother to wait in line to get her picture taken.  Also, I feel a little silly.  But something clicked in me towards the end of the vacation and I went to visit every princess with a reasonable line we passed.  As it turned out that was only two.

Here I am with Cinderella:


Look at how serious I am.  It is as though Cinder and I were at family reunion.  “And now a picture of the oldest cousin with the Princess cousin!!!!”  I think I was just hot.  You can see I am super sweaty.  There was record breaking heat in Florida the days we were there which was a nice change from the time we went and there was record breaking cold, but it was still extreme — like Minnesota weather.

Here I am with Mulan.  We just happened upon Mulan in China at Epcot.  No wait for Mulan.  I sort of felt for her.  Her . . . ah . . . hair was a little wonky.  She suggested we do a warrior pose.  I find this photo a little more fun:



I guess I still look pretty serious.  “Hey!  Like this Mulan!  When do we go to battle??  Oh, well.  I know I am not the oddest fan they see in a day.

One year I had my picture taken with Sleeping Beauty.  We were at the end of the vacation; I was getting sick; and I started to cry.  “Sleeping Beauty,” I asked.  “Do grown girls start to cry when they see you?”

“Oh, yes!” she cooed in her tiny Sleeping Beauty voice.  She looked at me and dropped her voice confidentially in a way that seemed more like like a normal grown up voice. “And men too,” she whispered.

TOMORROW:  How Brent and I were rejected from the American Idol Experience.


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