We’ve talked about this before.  Because of autism issues, Colin has an IEP, or Individualized Education Program.  Every year we go to a meeting with all of his teachers and discuss how it’s going.  I dread this meeting . . . and I love this meeting.

For most of the meeting the teachers go around and say that Colin is a great kid and a good student.  Well, of course.  We knew this already, didn’t we.  At the end of the meeting one of us has to sign the document that says we understand and agree with his special education goals.  This part always makes me cry an ugly cry.

It’s my one moment to grieve that Colin has to work harder than I would wish.  I only get this one moment because I am too busy being proud of him for the hard work he is doing, or I am being at odds with him because he is, after all, a teenager.

There was an extra element of cry for me this year because one of the teachers at the meeting threw the grade sheet at me and announced in an overly loud voice that Colin had a B minus minus in her class but the computer rounded it up to a B minus.  I was delighted because I thought that was pretty good for a class where I knew the teaching style did not match his learning style.  I cheered a little.  She rolled her eyes.

I have never wanted to pull Colin out of a class.  I want to pull him out of this one.

So here I am again.  Do I want Colin to be protected and special, or do I want him to learn to adjust when life hands you challenging people.  Life is full of challenging people.  He needs to learn to adjust. 

I need to adjust.  I have said my piece to this teacher and now I need to get out of the way and see if they can work it out.

Some parts of motherhood are more fun than others.


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