Politics and Christmas Ads

We should be passionate about our politics.  Yes, we should . . . but I have seen some silly statements from both sides this morning on social media.  What an excellent opportunity for us to practice graciousness and kindness.  What a good opportunity for us to rally around our president — no matter who he or she is — and pray for the office and the country.  

In other news, I suspected that this morning we would see a rash of pre-Thanksgiving Christmas ads where the political ads used to be. I was right.  You weren’t going to see me get all up in arms this election season because (And now I am really being honest. Save your judgement for later.) I didn’t get excited about either candidate.  I will, however, get excited about pre-Thanksgiving holiday ads.

The worst offender this year was my beloved Target.  I know you all love Target in other parts of the country, but Minnesota is the home of Target.  We just love Target more.  It’s all we had for a long time.  Target started running a Christmas commercial the first week of October.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.  How can I think about Christmas when my Halloween pumpkin has not even been harvested yet?

It reminds me of this election season.  Had you just had enough by yesterday?  Like me, were you just ready for the negative campaigning and the constant mail and phone calls and door knockers to end?  I see early Christmas advertising and displays the same way.  If you start smacking me with Christmas too soon, I will just be ready for it to be over by the time the day finally arrives.

I love Christmas, but three months of Christmas is too much.  We were at Disney World for a week.  I love Disney World, but a week was too much.  You can have too much of a good thing . . . and maybe a bad thing if you choose to see elections that way.


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