Tales from Kindergarten

Now that D is in school, it was my intention not to overwhelm myself volunteering for things.

I failed.  I am overwhelmed.

One of the easiest things to eliminate would be my two days a week at kindergarten, but I just couldn’t stand that.  Every week the kids make me laugh so hard.

Two of D’s favorite friends are twins. I was sitting with one of the girls coloring in a small group when the subject of pets came up.

“We don’t have a pet, “said twin.  “We have a brother.”

I started to laugh.  She looked at me very sternly.  “We do.”

I need to take their earnestness more sincerely.  Take Kindergartner H.  H was missing his front teeth when school started, and they are growing in nicely.  This makes me sad because I will miss him calling me Mary Litha.

One day his small group was trying to sing “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.”  They were struggling with the order of who smells and who laid the egg and all that.

“Oh,”  I said.  “It’s Jingle Bells.  Batman smells.  Robin laid an egg.”

H looked horrified. “Mary Litha!  That is not appropriate!”

No, I suppose not.

Yesterday when I was there I was sitting next to Kindergarten Kid B.  I’m afraid this story will not be the same written out.  I think you probably had to be there, but I was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face.

B’s small group was writing in their journals.  B was drawing some great monster trucks, but his attention tends to wander.

“B,”  I said.  “Are you finished drawing your trucks there, sir?”

He let out a belly laugh.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! SIR!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SIR!!!!!!  Mary Lisa!!!!  You say the funniest things!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  . . .  ha . . . sir.”


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