Piano Recital: Part 1

** I think I fixed the video so you can see it now!

Just in case you have been wishing you could go to a student piano recital, Brent and I took some video of the boys at theirs this weekend. Lucky you!

Now look. If you are a big fan of perfect technique, it would be better if you closed your eyes and listened to Colin.  He’s going to do some creative cross over work. I’m just telling you up front.  It might be better if you didn’t watch.

It is, however . . . and I am terribly, terribly biased, of course . . . worth a listen.


6 thoughts on “Piano Recital: Part 1

  1. Absolutely Awesome!! Miss Rahn certainly never taught me any crossover techniques. She was still trying to get me to balance a coin on the top of my hand! COLIN YOU ROCK!

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