Piano Recital: Part 2

Okay, first of all D chose his own recital outfit which consisted of a plaid shirt from his Halloween costume, plaid cuff pants (a different plaid, of course) and a stained sweatshirt. I managed to wrestle the sweatshirt off him the moment we got in the door.

Just hours earlier D declared he wasn’t going to play in the recital, but when his turn came he just marched right up to the piano — the piano where the music is much higher than at our house or piano teacher’s.  The piano with no notes marked on it — like at our house and piano teacher’s.

D soldiered on.

What did we expect?

If you can be patient while he gets used to the keys, I think you’ll really enjoy the staccato portion of his first selection.  The second song was a little painful for me, the mother.  Instead of choosing a piece he knew, he just randomly chose one out of the book.


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