Sick but not sick enough

Kindergarten Kid D was home sick yesterday.  He was coughing up a lung Ferris Bueller style over the weekend.  We thought he’d better stay home today.

I base my decisions on whether or not to send the boys to school this way:  Would I want a kid with this level of sickness to be breathing on my child?

The answer was no for D yesterday.

He wasn’t really sick-sick, though.  And as the day progressed he got less so.  He was in need of entertainment.

Constant entertainment.

Endless entertainment.

Finally I dug into the Christmas presents to pull out a new Wii game.

Which we had to play together.  And we got stuck.  And I wanted to cry.

(Insert hysterical laughter here)

But . . . then I remember how grateful I am that he is, by and large, very healthy.

And he still wants to play games with me.

Unlike Colin who left the room when I came in to watch TV with him last night.


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