Change in the Weather

Remember how I said the weather was holding nicely?  Well, that changed this weekend.  We had several inches of snow and a blizzard warning yesterday.  This morning it is 11 below.  The high today will be nine above.  No school today.

In some ways it is a relief to have the snow.  Now we can settle in without wondering when it’s going to come.  Now we can be real Minnesotans. Truth be told I don’t really mind the snow until March when it seems like it will never leave.

I never love the below zero cold.

Yesterday I was so cranky.  The rest of the world lit their advent candles named “love,” but for some reason the materials we are using lit the “peace” candle.  I sat there and fumed.  I did not feel peaceful, but what could I do?  “I’m sorry children.  I know we are supposed to discuss the Prince of Peace right now but mother is too crabby.  This Advent Sunday is postponed!”

Can’t do that because no matter how I feel, the truth of the Prince of Peace is still the truth.

This morning I feel better.  I had a bath and watched Christmas in Connecticut on my tablet.  How great is technology that you can watch a movie in the bathtub?!  How can a girl be cross when we live in such a marvelous time.  Our blood will adjust to the colder temperatures.  My mood will adjust to the colder temperatures.  Soon it will be the solstice and I can dance around the solstice fire.


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