Singing Carols

Tuesday night Bonnie, the leader of the youth ministry where our kids are involved, called.  She needed a piano player so the group could sing carols.

As you may recall I have been working on Rhapsody in Blue for the past six years.  The simplified version.  Off and on.  I don’t play piano in public.

But Colin does.

You know . . .Colin.  The kid I was having traumas over last week.  The one I filled out all the forms for — answering all those questions about how poor his social skills are.

Since that time I have had half a dozen examples of how Colin is doing just fine in spite of the forms.

I volunteered Colin to play carols for our meeting last night.  He never blinked an eye.  He just said okay and practiced the three carols.

Now, you may or may not know that playing piano solos and playing for a group to sing are two different things. When you play for someone to sing, you have to pay attention to the singer and not just what you’re supposed to be playing. Colin has played for people to sing exactly twice before last night.  

When the time came to sing, my son, whom a teacher once said would never work alone or live alone,  stood up behind the grand piano, looked over the top and said in a nice, loud, clear voice, “Everybody ready?!” Then he sat down and launched into the introduction to Away in a Manger.

I cannot believe I did not sit there and bawl.  I didn’t.  I just smiled.

Next week he gets braces on, and I suspect we will have a several days of more autistic like behavior.  

That’s the truth. That’s life. There are ups and downs. There is back and forth.

The tricky part — and I have not mastered this yet — is not to worry so much about the forms and to take more time to sing the songs.


3 thoughts on “Singing Carols

  1. I was there… I was so impressed with Colin’s seeming casual approach to the task of playing before his peers. He seemed comfortable! I’m right with you, Mary Lisa, in being blessed. “Everybody ready?” Yes! We’re ready to be with you, Colin, cheering along.

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