Too Much Christmas

Am I the only one who had too much Christmas?  I mean we had a fun, fun time with family and friends.  We ate and played games and did a puzzle and went to church and met for coffee and met for cocktails and went to programs and stayed up late and got up early and baked things and cooked things . . .


It was all great, but I’m feeling a little worn out.  I get over-excited so easily.  Now it’s all got to be packed up and put away.

I have recently had an encounter with someone who clearly doesn’t think I really do anything as a stay at home parent.  He’s smart enough not to actually say this out loud (No, not Brent), but it’s always implied.  Surely, I don’t have any experience doing this . . . surely,  my schedule is so flexible I can go whenever I like.  It’s the sort of subtle insult that makes me question the validity of my chosen career.

What does it mean in the big picture to have cooked and cleaned?  Wouldn’t Christmas have come anyway?  Am I really making a difference in the world by refereeing two brothers and laying down ground rules for watching “Price is Right” together?  You may only cheer if someone wins.  You need to stay in the room if you claim you are watching and not get upset if someone is in your chair.

One person doesn’t actually think I am working.  Another friend got angry because I mentioned that stay at home parenting isn’t always sunshine and lollipops.  Didn’t I realize how blessed I am to be able to stay at home??

Motherhood is rife with expectations from our families, our children, our parents, our spouses, our friends, American media . . . strangers on the street.  I think most of us are doing the best we can.

Yes, I have had other experiences, other jobs, other volunteer opportunities, other education.  I have been places and done things.  Now I choose to stay at home.

Yes, my schedule is more flexible than yours, but I still have obligations.

Yes, I do know how blessed I am.

Yes, the Pillsbury Dough Boy could have made our cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, but I like to bake!  So I did! And they were good!

Maybe in this new year, we could give all mothers a break.  Applaud the merits of their children.  Share a slow cooker recipe.  Say, “Good for you, stay at home mother for making the best choice for your family!”  OR “Good for you, working mother, for making the best choice for your family!”

It works either way.



One thought on “Too Much Christmas

  1. Well said! And …I’m ready for recipes to make use of my new electric mixer and slow cooker whenever you’re ready 🙂

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