Failure of the Wannabe Student

I am a wannabe law student.  Always have been.  Not an actual lawyer, I don’t think, and that’s what’s stopped me from becoming a law student.

Every law student knows that you don’t ask a question that you don’t know the answer to, and that is where I made my big mistake this morning:

ME:  D, are you ready to go back to school today.

D:  No.

Of course, not.  And didn’t I know that answer in my heart of hearts?  As my sister said yesterday, “Sometimes going to school after break is less exciting.”  She’s so very right.  If a guy gets sick in December, he wants to go back.  There are exciting things happening — crafts to make, programs to prepare, treats to eat.   In January, it’s just back to the grindstone.  Get your milk.  Make a row of capital Ms.  Run around the gym.

No, I don’t blame him, but we could not hide out here forever —  happy as we were drinking our coffee and watching Dora.


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