Then There’s Maude

I took to my bed with a headache last night.  (The jury is still out this morning. Thank you for asking.)  I ended up watching an episode and a half of Maude.

The only thing I remember of watching Maude were the opening credits.

I’m guessing this is because Maude was on past my bedtime, or because — and this just came to me last night — Maude may not have been the best role model for an impressionable young mind.  Remember now, that I wasn’t allowed to have Barbies, so it wasn’t a matter of Maude being too much of a women’s lib figure or some such thing.  No, on the episode I watched last night, Maude was just plain rude.

I think I must have been watching the last episode.  Maude was appointed to congress.  Adrienne Barbeau was nowhere to be seen.  I’m wondering if that would have made a difference.  Did she help back up poor long-suffering Walter?  Poor Walter!  My goodness, Maude.  No wonder he is your fourth husband.

Isn’t it interesting how time changes our perspective?  Or maybe I would never have found Maude funny.


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