Flying Pigs

Brent and I spent an hour last weekend . . .wait for it . . . are you sitting down?

Cleaning the basement.

No, really!!  I’m not ready to give tours down there, but if there is a weather emergency this spring, our small group will be able to take shelter.

A new treadmill was the motivation for this burst of cleaning.  We needed to make a path to get the old one out and the new one in.  That hasn’t actually happened yet because we need help, but the path is ready.

The new treadmill is supposed to be very fancy.  I can pretend I am running around the Eiffel Tower or something.  Treadmill running has been going very badly, thanks for asking.  I had an ankle injury at the beginning of December and I slowed to a walk.  Hopefully the prospect of running around the Eiffel Tower will motivate me to speed up again now.  I think the ankle is better.

Walking has allowed me to enjoy entire episodes of Foyle’s War.  I am a big Masterpiece Mystery fan, but I’d always shied away from that one because it had the word “war” in the title.  (You know me.  Little peacenik.)  It’s very good, though.  I only have four episodes left and then I guess we’ll have to find someone brawny to heave-ho the Eiffel Tower to the basement.


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