Food Diary Update

Blog reader-friend Jeremy J cracked me up on Facebook the other day when he wrote that his food diary had left him only 4 oz of Diet Coke and a Tic Tac to get through the rest of the day. First of all, I can’t imagine that our lean, mean, biking machine blog reader-friend needs a food diary.  Secondly, that is the pit fall of the food diary.  It’s so demanding.

Honestly I was so proud of my results at last week’s weigh-in and what with the emotional trauma drama I have been having, I fell of the food diary wagon.  I am trying to get back on today.  It’s all about making the right food choices so that you don’t get to the end of the day still needing 21 grams of protein.  I am not so good at this.  I tend to favor items from the bread group and the butter group (What?  That isn’t it’s own group?).

In other health related news, the fancy new treadmill is up and . . . the fancy new computer doesn’t work for anyone.  Apparently they got a new system in November and it still doesn’t work.  No Eiffel Tower yet.  I’m still hopeful.  What choice do I have?

Now excuse me while I eat a carefully shaved piece of 50 calorie dark chocolate.  No protein, but it’s supposed to be full of healthy antioxidants . . . or something.


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