Writer’s Block Friday

Blah, blah, blah . . .

*I should be one of those fancy bloggers with all the pretty pictures.

* Heigho to our faithful reader-friend Ardie who has a shiny, brand new knee.  We love you, Ardie!  Can’t wait for you to leap up the steps to my house!

* Faithful reader-parents Ma and Pa have gone down south for the month.  I think they have a smaller TV than we have.  No need to come and steal it.  They also have much snoopier neighbors than I have.  You’re going to get caught.

This, however, reminds me of a story from my hair person Sharon.  On New Year’s Eve while she and her husband were out celebrating, a drugged up criminal stole a car from near my house and drove it out in the country to near her house.  Sharon lives in the country.  There’s the country and then there’s out by Sharon’s house.  Criminal crashed the stolen car in Sharon’s mailbox.  Fortunately for Criminal,  Sharon’s husband left the keys in the pickup in their garage along with his gas card and a bunch of other stuff that would be useful for hiding from the law.  Unfortunately for Criminal, he was so stoned all he could think to do was drive back into town and abandon the pickup in his girlfriend’s alley.  Criminal got caught.  Sharon got all her stuff back no worse for wear.

You had no idea life was so exciting out here in the middle of winter!  Don’t leave your keys in the pickup!


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