A Note of Thanks for Indoor Plumbing

We’ve been snowed in for WEEKS!

No.  It’s only been 2 days, but now D is sick and feverish, so it will be another day at least.  As I say time and time again, thank goodness we do not live in a sod hut in the middle of the empty prairie.  I’d be buying a train ticket back home as soon as I could make my way to the nearest train station.

Fortunately, as we have discussed in this blog before, my husband is a pretty steadfast, logic, long-range thinker.  I don’t believe he would have brought us out to the middle of the prairie as long as he had a good job back home.

I am an impulsive, reactionary thinker.  I probably would have been the one saying, “Think how great it would be if we had our own farm!!!”  Then I would have hated every minute of it, given up and read books whilst Brent was out with the plow and our one sickly ox.

It’s just as well we have never faced that decision.

We have faced a lot of other decisions, though.  We have toughed through situations we didn’t want to face.  We have grown up together.  Learned to drink coffee together. Laughed when it was probably inappropriate and cried when it didn’t turn out to be that bad.

We always toast each other, “To more adventure with you” because that’s what marriage is, isn’t it.  An adventure.  Kids throwing up and snow removal and holidays and vacations and going to work and coming home and grilled cheese and credit cards and trips to the grocery.

“Remember when you used to write me little notes?” I asked the other night.

“I wrote you a note the other day,” he replied.  “It said ‘Don’t use the downstairs bathroom.'”

Not really the same, but thoughtful nevertheless.

Happy anniversary to Brent.  Thank you that we live in a sturdily constructed home with more than one bathroom.  It’s more than enough for me.


3 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks for Indoor Plumbing

  1. I couldn’t help but chortle at your sod hut scenario. That’s exactly what happened to my Grandparents. My Grandfather took my Grandfather to North or South Dakota from Minneapolis for an “adventure” in living, i.e. sod hut. I’m not sure how long it took her to get her train ticket home! Thankfully, Grandpa came back with her and hence I am here to comment. 🙂

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