Anniversary Postponed

Tuesday, as you know, was my anniversary.  Brent and I are not big anniversary celebrators because we like to keep the love alive all year long.  (Gag here if you like.)  Nevertheless, we were going to go out to lunch.

But then Kindergarten Kid D got sick and spent the day at home.  He wasn’t really sick-sick.  He had a small fever and I just don’t think you should send a kid with a fever to school.  He was hopping around and very busy for a guy with a slight fever.

No big deal, we decided.  These things happen.  We will go out to lunch on Thursday — on Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday D went to school.

On Thursday, the day of my make up lunch, my cell phone started to ring.

“Mary Lisa, ” said the voice.  “It’s Terri.”

Oh, no.  Only one Terri will call my cell phone right after breakfast.  Elementary School Nurse Terri.

D was sick again. Poor thing.  Really sick this time, as though the earlier part of the week was just a warm up.

Well . . . lunch postponed.  I celebrated Valentine’s Day with D watching really old episodes of Sesame Street.  Old — like from when I watched Sesame Street.  They are really still very good, may I say.

D’s really the most dramatic and pathetic little sick person.  “I know I should only have one sip of water, but it’s so good . . . so clear.” (Play Les Mis soundtrack here.)

How can you feel pity for yourself when such a sad little creature is lying on your couch near his bucket.

My day will come.  In the meantime, the house is getting a nice Clorox scrub.


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