Between the lines, 2

“You’re too sensitive,” said my friend after reading my blog post the other day.

She’s right, of course, and I know that.  People don’t mean to be malicious . . . mostly.  They are curious, and they bring their own issues to any conversation.  When we take the time to get to know people, we can see this better.  I’m not always so quick on my feet as to remember that.  My gut reaction is to say, “What is the matter with you?”  which comes from being too sensitive in the first place.

I thought I’d grow a tougher hide as adult.  I guess I have.  Not tough enough to run a small town newspaper which was a career choice for me.  You have to be like a duck to do that — let it roll off your back.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own role in these conversations.  What baggage do I bring that makes me perk up my ears when I think someone is questioning my decision to be a stay at home mom.  Plenty.  Plenty of baggage.

I’m not sure it’s enough just to recognize that it happens.  I think I need to get better at the sort of quick self talk that reminds me to be generous.  You brought your baggage; I brought mine.  Let’s call it a day.


2 thoughts on “Between the lines, 2

  1. I think you’re right on baggage for everybody tainting our perspectives. I know I’d be paying for excess baggage on my trip through life if I were flying!
    Maybe that’s why Philippians encourages us to think on whatsoever things are true, honorable, pure, right,lovely, of good reputation…
    It’s just so easy to be elsewhere.

  2. I have to say that being overly sensitive is preferable to not sensitive. Because being sensitive may get you hurt, but it also gives you great power to see others hurts and try to heal them. Which are 2 things you do very well. A lot of sensitive people are who others look to for help and grace and for wisdom. Because sensitive people care. And Dr. Seuss had it right “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot…”

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