It’s one week, six days and some odd hours until Brent and I take a little spring vacation.  Don’t bother to come and steal the TV.  Grandma will probably come and stay here.  There are disadvantages to living in the town where you grew up, but this is definitely one of the advantages.

It’s snowing again today.  Hooray.  I think this week we’ll start Sandbox Watch ’13.  It won’t be as easy as last year to watch for the sandbox when we had so very little snow, but I have every confidence our patience will be rewarded.

I suppose it’s time to start training for the first 5k of the year as well.  It’s only ten weeks away.  It’s been a hard winter on the treadmill.  I have not been able to run with the endurance I had outside, and my hip has been especially gimpy.

We’re going to press on though, right? Quitters never win and winners never quit or some such nonsense?


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