Friday’s Miscellaneous Thoughts

I’ve been running outside three times now.  It isn’t really warm enough yet, but I have had just about enough of the treadmill.  Even though I was cold and miserable this morning, I found a dollar.  I’m not sure this morning’s run was worth a dollar.  Plus I had to chip it out of the ice which really messed up my lap time for that mile.  A penny saved is a penny earned, though, so as soon as I get it taped back together it goes in the Central Florida fund.

It was a traumatic day during my kindergarten volunteer hour.  Someone’s older bother/sister/cousin taught him a chant that is both racist and sexist — although I guarantee that particular student didn’t really understand that.  I’ve noticed that my kindergarten friends are getting a little jaded here towards the end of the school year.  Every math problem is boring.  There’s a lot more private whispering.  They are experimenting with jokes that are pushing the boundaries.  The “butt” jokes of Christmas time have given way to humor that is slightly more sinister in a few of the kids. It’s sad.  It makes me feel over protective.

When the school year ends, I’m going to make D sit outside and blow bubbles until his brain is clear.


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