Where is the sandbox?


You can sort of see it on the right side there.  I suppose the afternoon sun beats a little bit on that side and so it is melting better there.  Or maybe the wind blew harder from the other side and it is deeper on one side.  Not sure.

The point is, we are half way through April and there is still a measurable amount of snow.  The upside is that all this cold weather has slowed down the rise of the weather where favorite s’daughter Shelby lives, and we can attend her play this weekend without bringing waders . . . I think.

I am waiting a few more minutes for it to warm up outside and then I am going to take my little running show outdoors.  It’s going to be chilly today, but the street is mostly dry. I want to honor the Boston Marathon friends by doing my little bit outside.

Many years ago after 9/11, I wrote a piece about the cowardice of acts of terrorism. I wrote that if they wanted to fight, they should come out in the open and fight.  I repeat it again today.  Whatever point this person or persons was trying to make yesterday is completely lost on me.  Again I wonder if the discussion needs to be less about security and more about mental health.

Anyway, the temperature is up to 31.  I’m off to do my part — which I believe is to live unafraid.  Do a little research today and search “afraid” or “fear” in your favorite Bible search engine like biblegateway.com.  We are to be smart.  We are to be wise.  We are to be alert . . . but we are not to be afraid.

I suppose that includes the fear of never ending winter.


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