Runningversary 2

I can’t chit chat long.  Coach Sam has sent my next training program and I need to get going.

Look at how happy I am to be so very near the end.

Look at how happy I am to be so very near the end.

Friends and loved ones, look over my shoulder in that picture and see that there is still plenty of ice on the lake.  It was not a warm day, but we got the job done.  My time wasn’t bad for the first race of the year, and it’s pumped me up to get out there and keep going after a long winter on the treadmill.

The highlight was definitely my time which was FIVE MINUTES faster than last year.

The low point was being passed not once but twice by a little pregnant friend.  She stopped to go to the bathroom and then passed me again.

My love and thanks again and again to Coach Sam, Coach Les, and my wonderful prayer support team Sue, Dorothy, Carrie and Robyn.  Special thanks to Laurie who prays for me when I run past her house.  For whatever reason, God has her look out the window and there I am.

It was all worth it to race in and see the cheering squad — my parents and the boys.  Our reader-friend Ardie — against her better judgement — also got up and came and stood out in the cold.  The look on my face in that picture was my excitement seeing her there.

Of course, I was already smiling a little bit because beloved friend Rita was talking me through the last mile on my headphones.  She knew that’s when I would need it the most.  Isn’t technology fabulous?

Last, but never ever least, all of my love to Trainer Brent.  He’s there every day with water, support and a massage for the aching leg.  He is my most faithful cheerleader, and I am so thankful.

With a team like this, I could run a marathon.

I could run a marathon.  I’m not going to.  This is exciting enough.



3 thoughts on “Runningversary 2

  1. Thank you, thank you! Finally looking at my emails! yikes, life is too busy! You are my beautiful reminder to slow down, if only for a brief moment, and Thank GOD for a the ability to pick myself up yet another day, As you go, fighting the wind, the heat, the lake flies…….God lets me know that his spirit is alive in us. Giving us strength, endurance, courage and yet another day of life as he breathes into us. After all…….we are all running the race aren’t we? YOU ARE AN ATHLETE. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Thank you sweet friend for running your race! Thank you Jesus : ) Laurfie

  2. ooops! I see I have managed to spell my name wrong! So imperfect I am! lol, I love you! L A U R I E

    • Beloved Laurie, here at “At Least We Know,” we never let a little thing like misspelling one’s own name stand in the way of true friendship. In fact, I would dare say the reader-friends will like you better because of it!!

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