The Graduate



Maybe you can believe an entire school year has gone by since this post or this post, but frankly I am shocked.

Last night was kindergarten graduation.  I was worried I would cry and I put a couple of Kleenex in my pocket.  I was doing pretty well until the end when they played some sappy country song about “letting them stay little.”  Suddenly I could feel the uncontrolled ugly cry welling up.  I tried to breathe slowly.  I heard a sniffing behind me.  It was a little mommy whom I am sure is not even 30.

Suddenly, I got irritated.  What was she crying for??  What’s with the crying when you’re a Baby Mommy at the first of many of these little ceremonies??  When you’re an Advanced Mature Mommy and this is your last ceremony and you know for certain that it is a blink of an eye between kindergarten graduation and the start of grad school for your 27-year-old, then, THEN you can cry, little missy.

This moment of irateness snapped me out of it, and I didn’t need to cry the ugly cry after all.

It was a fine ceremony.  The long-term sub Mr. S (who is also Colin’s drum line leader) had the classes write songs of devotion.  The other classes’ songs went something to the effect of “Mrs. Hoven, you are the best teacher everrrrrrrrr.  Thank you for a great yearrrrrrrr.”

Mrs. Hoffmann’s class wrote this song:

Zombies are scary.  They eat brains.  Mrs. Hoffmann will keep us safe.

I don’t know what to tell you.  D swears up and down this was not his idea.  He said the “cool guys”  thought of it.  (That is a blog rant for another day.)  I believe him because he seemed a little disgusted.  Oh, well.  It was creative and Mrs. Hoffmann thought it was in homage to her love of scary movies.

She is the sweetest spirit ever.  She is a tremendous teacher.  It was really a joy to watch her work on the days I volunteered.  I will forever now ask myself if I am “rock steady” when I feel myself getting a little too excited.

Today the kindergarten is at the zoo.  D took blog reader-friend Mom, whom he refers to as “Grandma.”  She just sent a picture of a new stuffed blue elephant from the zoo store.

The sight of this stuffed elephant brings me a little peace.  He is not ready for grad school quite yet.


3 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. I may not know exactly how you felt but I attended “my” Addy’s preschool grad. this am. I shed a couple tears. My niece (Addy’s mom) had Kleenix ready for me but I was strong! Life has so many strange moments.

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