Summer Day 1

The snacks are bought.  The to-do lists are posted.  Tennis lessons and drum line are on the schedule.  We are ready for summer vacation.

One day I was complaining that I cannot get 9×13 pans of egg bake to feed the adult children into my French door refrigerator.  We can only have it in winter when it can sit out on the porch.



I cannot get anything in my French door refrigerator.  Especially as it is placed next to this wall.  Look at that meat just falling out the front.  Who picked this out in the first place? (I did.  I was young.  What did I know?)

Blog reader-friend Dorothy suggested a small refrigerator for my porch or basement.  Well, you know we are trying to take away and not add to the basement.  Last week the porch received this new addition:



Nice, huh?  Please note my trendy 60’s floor tiles.  Note and then dismiss because they are just old and not in the trendy way at all.

Look at my added refrigeration!



Look at my overenthusiastic berry purchasing!  (If you come to my house, you must have berries at every meal.)  I placed that top shelf so that I can easily slide a 9×13 of egg bake in and out.  No mess!  No fuss!  Breakfast for everyone!

Plus (and this is where we tie in the idea that we are ready for summer vacation), it is the perfect place to get your cheesestick/juicebox/Jell-O snack.

That Dorothy.  What a lifesaver!


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