Day 3: Still Raining

No one has said the “b” as in “bored” word yet, but it would be nice if the sun would shine just a little.  It is yet again another cold rainy day in Central Minnesota.  I talked to a little mommy yesterday who said she’d gotten out her daughter’s coat for next year because the little girl had outgrown this year’s.  It is that chilly.  Especially if you’re near the ground.

D is already starting to feel done with Mom’s Mandatory List of Things You Need to Do Today.  I am already getting more and more resistance and already my patience is starting to wear thin.  Next week he gets to go to summer rec, so hopefully my little social butterfly will get the sort of interaction that keeps him energized.

Colin, on the other hand, has done a stellar job on his list all three days.  I even managed to talk him into running on the treadmill!  He told me this morning he’s hoping for prizes.  I should have done something beautiful in the “teachable moment” category like telling him that sometimes we just do things because we are asked.

But I do like prizes . . .


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Still Raining

  1. I can ignore the rain when I am alone but Tues. is my day with Addy & Brody. So….Burger King got my vote yesterday. Kids had fun and I got extra calories. There were lotza sr. citizens with the little ones. Guess we all had the same idea.

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