Day 5: House in Chaos

When I picture children on summer break, I see happy tots riding their bikes and going on picnics.  I see them swinging from trees with skinned knees and frogs in their pockets.  I envision hours reading Hardy Boys books in the backyard fort.


I don’t picture this:



Now I know as far as messes go, it’s not too bad, but I get discouraged.  Let’s look more closely and see if we can match any of the fantasy with reality.

It is summer break, so the kid in the background still in his pajamas at 11 o’clock . . . well, maybe that’s par for the course. I believe that’s a Bible tucked under his arm. That’s sort of cool.  He was doing his Bible Study.

And the headphones on the table show that there has been some exercising going on.  Colin has been a real trooper on the treadmill.  Yes, I know it’s semi-nice outside, but he likes the treadmill, so why argue.

That ice cream bucket out on the porch is full of D’s pine cone collection.  That’s a summer-y thing.  The Rubber Maid container on the floor is from a rainy afternoon of Play-doh playing.

There’s a postcard on the table from s’daughter Shelby’s vacation.  (People should send more postcards.) Summer-y.

The carpet cleaner is from the dog enjoying a ham bone.  He loved it so.  It did not love him back.  I can’t really fault anyone there but myself for giving it to him.

No . . . I guess I should focus less on the ideal and more on the reality that this is a house that is lived in.  I mean, let’s think about this.  In my ideal vision of summer, there is no bad weather or bugs.  In my ideal vision, the kitchen is messy with picnic supplies, the first aid kid and a mop from where the frog came out of the pocket and jumped all over the kitchen.

In my ideal vision there is a notice on the table from the library about damaged Hardy Boys books left outside in the fort.


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