How Did I Get This Way

I was at blog reader-friend Mom’s house the other day and she was sorting through some old papers.  I grabbed a speech my Grandma Malmberg (Not Gigi, but the little girl in my blog header) wrote to give at an alumni assembly at her high school for homecoming 15 years after she graduated.

Reading it this morning, I thought you might enjoy this excerpt.  I wondered if it would add fuel to the burning question, “Do personalities come from genetics or environment?’  In my case, it is probably both.

This is from page four.  She’s just getting warmed up.  The year is 1943.


Well, I have come quite a ways and I have said nothing about my subject or the topic I am speaking about.  I suppose every speaker who appears on a platform before a public gathering of any kind should have a topic to speak about.

You remember, in that very charming book by Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland” (I hope you haven’t forgotten it), the famous Walrus said, “The time has come to speak of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings.”  Kings aren’t very important in our day and age, so we’ll leave them out.  Cabbages — I am not too fond of cabbage.  We’ll also leave that out.  Sealing wax, we have very little use for in our modern age.  As for ships — we are usually wondering when and where the next one will be sunk and what the outcome will be.  And shoes — from now on I suppose most of us will be wearing our old ones.  Old shoes not being much of a topic to speak about, I am left with the “many things” as my subject tonight.  That’s a big topic, but don’t worry.  I’ll soon be out of breath.


4 thoughts on “How Did I Get This Way

  1. When you write that novel that you’ve been assigned to write I think you should include a character based on Grandma.

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