In Position

Were you awake all night wondering how the caterpillars were?  You are so perceptive.  Our overachieving caterpillars got themselves into position last night.


Bonus! Sweaty husband in background!

I got to watch one get into position last night.  First he attached his backside.  Then he tucked his head in.  Then, he folded in all his legs but the front two and dropped down.  I was mesmerized.  Who knew caterpillars were so interesting?  I missed America’s Got Talent waiting for the drop. ( It wasn’t a huge sacrifice.)  No one trained that caterpillar to do that.  It was time for change and he did what he needed to do.

How unlike me.  It’s time for change in an area of my life too.  I have my tail attached and my head tucked, but I keep holding on with my front two feet.  “Not yet!  I don’t know!  Am I doing the right thing?  What happens next? What are the other caterpillars doing?  Is this right?  Is this going to hurt?”

Let go.  Let go.  Let go.

If I don’t shed the last exoskeleton, I don’t get to see what comes next.

Drop down and get into position.

10K Notebook:   I made myself a music playlist for when I want to run fast.  I have been trying not to use it too much in fear I would become bored with it.  Yesterday’s humidity was brutal.  After three miles, I literally could have been walking faster.  I started my playlist and I sped off like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  Now we know.



3 thoughts on “In Position

    • Note to self: Add “Eye of the Tiger” to playlist. My playlist is largely contemporary gospel songs about persevering in times of great trials. “Keep pushin’! Keep grindin’!” Sometimes I have to sing along . . . out loud. Thought of you yesterday when I was running along in the humidity looking like the dog just died. No one is forcing me out there. Run happy!

  1. Is the coming change in your life that you are finally going to start devoting time to the novel that you are supposed to write?

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