Butterfly Freedom

In all the excitement I didn’t tell you that the butterflies came out last Thursday on the Fourth of July.  Very patriotic of them.


Butterfly Birth.


I found the whole thing amazing.  What started out as those not particularly attractive caterpillars, came out as butterflies with long legs and delicate wings.  Crazy to believe one thing lead to another.


Eating an orange at the butterfly buffet.

We enjoyed watching them emerge and unfurl and learn to eat and (ahem) make friends with each other, but by Sunday I began to think it wasn’t really fair not to give them a chance to really fly since they had such lovely wings.  We took them out by the front flowers and opened the butterfly habitat.



It took them awhile to decide they wanted to leave the only home they had ever known as butterflies.



D had to give one a pep talk.  “You can do it.  Go ahead.  Fly away.”  I think we were both a little misty.



We had, after all, known them their whole lives.


Jeremy and Rachel were inspired to fly away free around the block. They were home in time for dinner.


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