Cowgirl Up

I saw a bumper sticker this morning that read “Cowgirl Up” and it made me sad briefly that we will not be going to Wyoming for family road trip this year.

No, later this summer we are taking a road trip to Springfield, Illinois.  The conversations I have with people about this usually go like this:

YOU:  Are you taking a driving trip this year?

ME: Yes, we are going to Springfield, IL.

YOU:  Where?

ME: Springfield, IL.

YOU:  (with skeptical amusement) What’s in Springfield?

ME: Lincoln’s Tomb

YOU: (Quizzical look)

ME: . . . And Route 66.  We’re going to eat a corndog at a drive in.

YOU: (worried) Do you have relatives there?

ME: No.

YOU:  What made you decide to go there?

ME: Dunno.  Never been there before.

And now you smile a sort of sympathetic smile because you have no idea what the family thought process was in choosing this location.  I don’t know either.  I think I saw an ad or something for the Lincoln Presidential Library.  I’m not sure why it’s causing people so much consternation, but I have repeated the above conversation many times in the past few weeks.

I don’t remember getting this much grief for the “Are the Great Falls really that great?” trip, and I thought that was sort of . . . well . . . more odd.


6 thoughts on “Cowgirl Up

  1. I have strong memories of visiting Lincoln’s tomb as a child. If I remember right it gave me goosebumps even as a kid to stand amidst that much character. I THINK 2 of his sons and wife are buried there too?
    New Salem village was pretty fun too. I bought an ink well and a small butter press. Pretty sure those kept me dirty and entertained all summer.

  2. Growing up in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, Springfield was a big deal!!! You will enjoy Route 66, get your kicks and learn more about Lincoln! You MUST visit New Salem – Lincoln’s birthplace. Favorite field trip from school days!! Going to Springfield, Illinois is a great vacation idea!

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