10K Notebook – The Day Before


Rested legs?  Check.

Charged running playlist? Check.

Variety of clothing options depending on the unseasonable cold weather?  Check.

Prayer team working overtime? Check. Check. Check. 

I need to pick up my race packet and I will be set.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I will not be set until I cross that finish line tomorrow.  Coach Sam has sent me a large body of inspirational running quotes, and I am pasting them to index cards where I can strategically post them around the house.  Blog-reader friend Sue has sent encouraging messages everyday and I am placing them under my pillow where I can sleep on them during Coach-Sam-required nap time.  My thought is they will ooze up into my head.  Not sure about the scientific proof for this.

I suspect the battle is all mental at this point.

I am a runner!  Hear my roar! Grrrrrrrrrr!

P.S.  If you normally follow me on my running app, I won’t be using it tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure the serious kids don’t have their phones on them.  I will be using an MP3 player and my shiny new Garmin to keep track of my pace.




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