Home is Exhausting

We are home.  Ask me anything about Lincoln.  Anything.  Let’s see how I do.  We got the full up Lincoln treatment.  If it was there or on the way, we saw it.  I was rested and relaxed and lovely . . . and now I am exhausted. Frankly, I think it’s this:



And that’s just one room.  Coming home is the hardest part of vacation.

At any rate it was worth it.  I crammed in a bunch of last minute Lincoln study, and I’m glad I did because there is a lot of Lincoln information in Springfield.  It would have been overwhelming over the course of two days.

Here’s me and John Wilkes Booth at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum:



I thought this pose was hilarious — indicative of a summer’s worth of study and new appreciation of Lincoln.  My family found it embarrassing.  Well, I will treasure it always.  I let ol’ JWB know how I felt.  Yes, I did.

The museum is super cool.  It’s interactive, informative and about as much fun as you can have with a dead president.  I highly recommend it.  We also visited the Lincoln home and Lincoln’s tomb.

IMG_0521He was moved a crazy amount of times until they finally got him in this crypt.  They were so worried he’d been switched they opened the coffin a couple of times to make sure it was him.  Now I ask you, do you think that was the real reason?  Because what if his body had been stolen?  What would they have done then?  Better not to know.  It sounds more to me like an excuse to take a glimpse of Lincoln, but if that’s your story . . . then stick to it.


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