Dry Laundry

I’m not complaining that it’s hot, but the laundry I hung outside yesterday was dry before I got everything on the line.

I’m not complaining.  In six weeks there could be snow on the ground.  Eight weeks for sure.

I’ve been cleaning places I don’t normally clean.  The corners in the bathroom.  The outside of the windows.  The very back of my closet.  I’m finding some things that seemed so necessary to my life at one time don’t seem so necessary any more.  Toddler traveler cups.  A purple backpack.  Three khaki skirts.  Some of it is stuff I couldn’t for whatever reason get rid of before, but now I can.  My lifestyle has had no need for khaki skirts in several years, but I hung on because they were nice skirts and just in case . . .

“Just in case” has not come.

Motivational pastor John C. Maxwell says, “We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”

I’m not entirely sure what that means but it makes me wonder.  What do I hold on to out of fear, or sentiment, or a sense of duty that no longer makes sense in my life?  As a Christian I know all things are possible with God, but are there places in my life where there is depression, despair and disrespect that I cling to waiting for it to become what I want and not what He’s actually doing?

Am I clinging so hard to what I envision that I can’t hear God say, “That’s enough now.  Let go.”

Not sure.

In the meantime, while cleaning I found a page of tattoos that has comic book superhero words on it.   I’m going to tattoo a giant “KABOOM!” on my leg while I think.


One thought on “Dry Laundry

  1. Hey we must be on the same ‘page of life moments’–I’m going to post an ad for all my snowbabies that family sent to me in Alabama. They were meant to remind me of MN. Well, I have the real snow now and no room to display the snowbabies.

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