Rose Review

I was in a situation this weekend that reminded me of this post of long ago.  Only two people called me by my name and neither one was quite right.  One woman just insists on calling me Mary Beth no matter what I do.  It might be our little joke by now, but I’m not . . . sure . . .

I was reading a newspaper article about my Grandma Malmberg after the event.  Her name was Naemie, which according to the internet is the Swedish form of Naomi*.

But it wasn’t Naomi, it was Naemie.

I imagine hearing her now, “No, actually it’s Naemie . . . No, NAAAAAEMIE . . . N-A-E-M-I-E.”

And then they probably still called her Naomi and she gave up.

IMG_20130909_080920690* Her name day is November 17 for those keeping track.


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