Dear Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley Cyrus,

I know you are very busy with your career and all, so I have just one quick question and then I’ll let you be on your way.

What’s your plan here, dear?

The reason I ask is that I can’t see it, and I certainly hope you do.

Is it because you don’t think you have any actual talent?

I don’t think that’s true or you wouldn’t have come this far.

Are you hoping that by drawing any and all kind of attention to yourself, people will listen to the finer qualities of your voice? 

Sweetie, men older than your grandpa are taking your image into the bathroom and not because they have to pee.  If that doesn’t make you feel a little bit nauseous, then we have bigger problems here than I thought.  They do not care one wit how you sing, and they are not purchasing your music.

This brings me to another point.  My husband and I watched your Wrecking Ball video a couple of days ago, so that we could prepare ourselves to talk to our sons about pornography.  That’s okay.  We would have had to do it eventually.  You see it’s our job to explain stuff like this to our sons because we want them to grow up to be men of honor who show women respect and grace even when the women are acting in a respect-less, grace-less manner.  We expect that at some point when they are adult husbands and fathers, should the occasion arise that they perform at video awards shows, they will have the good sense to say, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for this much younger woman to be gyrating her hoochie on my private parts even if it is in the ‘choreography’.”

That’s my goal and so very much more.

I thought the discussion with my boys would go something like this. ” Son, oftentimes women get into this industry because they had few choices and all of them were bad.  Given the opportunity, they would probably like to be done with this.”

But I can’t say that about you.  I’m not sure what to say.  If you would like to come and explain why your video is not pornography, I’m sure we would all like to hear it.

Do you think this is art?

It’s not.  You are not acting in the spirit of Madonna or even Lady Gaga.  You are just naked and obvious.

I will grant you that I am twice as old as you are and at this point I live a rather sedate lifestyle in rural Minnesota, but I don’t think you need to be a marketing genius to see that when you begin your adult career by regularly taking all your clothes off, you don’t leave yourself much room to work creatively.

You were a role model for young women and now you are a fantasy toy for men of all ages.  I feel sorry for you, kid.  You’ve made your own nasty mess, and you claim that was your objective.  Well . . . good for you, I guess, but I think you could have been so much more.


A concerned mother



One thought on “Dear Miley Cyrus

  1. I can’t bear to watch the newest video. I can’t bring myself to watch her VMA performance either. It’s all just so sad. She seems so broken. And I guess maybe that is acutely descriptive of her right now. Sex is meant for good. It is supposed to orient us outward. To drive home the point that we were not designed for ourselves alone, but to find joy and fulfillment in unity to another. But she has opted to define her existence solely by sex drive. She denies all the other elements of her being she alienates her genitals from the rest of her being and declares that such is all that she is. There’s the brokenness. It’s too much spectacle. Too much too pity. Must look away.

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