D Walks to School

D was in a mood yesterday morning and was going to miss the bus.

ME: D, if you miss the bus we are going to walk to school!

D:  That’s fine!

ME:  All right, but there will be no whining and no carrying.  You have made a choice!

D: Okay!

Off we went.

D:  Mom!  It sure is a windy day!  It’s windy like a windstorm in the desert.

ME: (laughing) Have you ever been in a windstorm in the desert?

D: No, but this is what it would be like.

I wave at a local business person.

D: Mom! Did you know that person?  How do you know that person?

ME:  I don’t know.  I’m a grown up.  I suppose I know more grownups.  You probably know more kids.

D:  I didn’t know any kids at our new church.

Our new church isn’t really our new church yet.  For reasons I may or may not discuss later, we are visiting different churches.  We seem to have partially settled on one near our house.  It is incredibly difficult to leave and find a church home.  The whole family is being challenged.  It would be so much easier to just stay and ignore what we think is the right thing to do.  It would be so much easier to go back to our previous church where we have been warmly and graciously invited to return instead of making the bold choice to try something new.

ME:  I know, sweetie.  I don’t know many people there either.  We will get to know them.  We will make friends.

D: There’s the stoplight, Mom!

And so our walk went.  D noticed a hundred things new to him along the way.  I saw things on that walk, I had never noticed.  

It was pretty quiet when we got to school.  We went into the office.

ME: Miss Pam, D is late because he missed the bus and had to walk.

PAM:  Oh, that happens.  You’re fine, D.  Go on to class.

So much for disciplinary action.  He got on the bus this morning, no problem.  

And am I a little sad about that?


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