Summer Ends


I’ll be honest with you.  I got a little bit weepy this morning.  The summer went so fast.  The boys seem so big.

It was time.  It was time.

D refused to learn to ride bike this summer and it left him behind with the neighbor kids.  As the summer aged, he replaced his outside time with Minecraft.  Do you know Minecraft?  It’s like computerized Legos, and you can play with friends.  This is good, but not a substitute for playing outside with the neighbor kids.

It was time.

He has the best teacher this year.  A teacher so good, her students have been known to weep on the last day and request year-round school.  This is a good teacher.  Colin had her the year I was pregnant with D.  I really, really hoped D would get her, but I didn’t realize how much until I saw on the computer and burst into tears.  He’s going to have a good year.

It was time.

Colin is old enough for a job but did not get one . . . so his mother made him The List.  The List was very long, and he did it every day without question.  But even our Colin — our dear introvert Colin — was getting a little snappy.  Our Colin, who usually worries for a week or more before school starts, didn’t say much until last night.  Thankfully Biggest Brother, my favorite s’on, Jeremy called to give Colin his annual “You can do this” speech.  I don’t know what they talk about.  Maybe they don’t talk about it at all, but Colin is always better after. Sometimes a brother can say things your Helicopter Mother cannot.

It was time.

Speaking of Helicopter Mother, I’ve only sent one email to school so far!  And it’s already lunch time! Way to go, me!


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